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Our vision: Help companies build better products fast

Every company has to find out two things, to be successful:

1) Their product market fit
How does the product or service have to look like for people to buy it

2) Their product language fit
How to talk about your product so that people see the value in it

You can find this by trial and error and waste month or years on it. Or you can interview users and translate their needs into the right features and language for your product.

We have a framework to do just that and we want to help you buld better products fast.

What our customers say

Thanks to their work, we were able to successfully learn Jobs-To-Be-Done and apply it ourselves in just 2 weeks. He not only taught us the theory, but also showed us directly how to apply it to our complex area of software development. So we went from zero practical experience with JTBD to an operational small research team that can use JTBD independently in the future. Peter was always very helpful, flexible and extremely patient. Many thanks again! An unrestricted 110% recommendation 馃檪 Anytime again! Translated with (free version)
Manuel Gerding
The JTBD methodology was communicated in a very understandable way, and the interviews were conducted in a very professional manner. The project offers us the chance to address our customers with new service offers in a more targeted way.
Michael von Pidoll
T脺V Rheinland AG
We particularly liked the systematic and structured approach, so that we learned more relevant information about our product and our customers in the JTBD Interview Sprint in just 2 days (6 interviews) than in the previous 3 years. After less than a week, we were able to directly triple our advertising campaign effectiveness with the results. Not only did we improve our marketing and sales, but we also got a better product out of it.
Stefan H眉ck

How to work with us

If you want to know, wether we can do the same for you, just give us a call.
We can’t guarantee, that we are the right partner for you, but here is how聽

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1. Understand

In a first call, we will understand what you need and wether we can help you with that

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2. Agree

Agree on proceedure and price. Can be done in the same call as step 1, but is usually another call

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contract being signed

3. Contracting

We will make sure, that all the legal things are taken care of.

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4. Run

Execute the project as planned. Most projects take between 2 weeks and 3 month

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5. Succeed

We have no unsatisfied customer so far and we make sure, that you won't be the first

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