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UTXO Solutions is your partner for unlocking the untapped potential of Bitcoin and driving new sources of revenue.

Our name, UTXO, represents the unspent transaction outputs that contain value waiting to be unlocked, just like the untapped potential of Bitcoin waiting to be harnessed by businesses.

As a Bitcoin-Native consultancy, we know that Bitcoin represents a disruptive force in the areas of data validity, realtime payments, treasury management, and energy saving, and that early adoption can provide a significant competitive advantage.

We work with businesses to identify and leverage these opportunities through tailored solutions that are designed to meet their specific needs.

Our experienced advisors bring a deep technical expertise and strategic business perspective to every engagement, ensuring that our clients receive innovative and effective solutions that drive growth and revenue.

We’re committed to helping our clients unlock the full potential of Bitcoin and achieve their business objectives.

Bitcoin is the Solution,

Everything else is Noise!

Michael J. Saylor

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Our Customers

Management Team

Peter Rochel

Managing Partner

As Bitcoin strategy expert, Peter combines over 15 years of experience in JTBD applications and innovation consulting with extensive knowledge of global Bitcoin mass adoption and its impact on business models.

Daniel Wingen

Managing Partner

As serial founder and business development strategist with 15 years of experience,  Daniel helps international businesses to optimise their go to market strategy and executing their sales with a growth mindset.

Martin Betz

Managing Partner

With over 13 years of experience in innovation management for large enterprises and as host of two successful Bitcoin podcasts, Martin Betz is the perfect expert for building new bitcoin based business modells.

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