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business strategy

The missing dimension in building sustainable products

How to get a clear understanding of the problem you are trying to solve.
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How to avoid customers trying to negotiate your prices down

How to improve your business partnerships and protect your profits.
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Knowing when to act insecure

On fake it till you make it in entrepreneurship.
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Deutsche Telekom’s Dirk Roeder: Navigating Blockchain and Bitcoin in the Corporate World

Explore how Deutsche Telekom is revolutionizing the corporate world with blockchain and Bitcoin in our podcast episode with Dirk Roeder. Delve into the integration of proof of stake networks and
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How to speed up customer research

Learn how to speed up customer research by picking the right framework.
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What are good metrics

Beginners guide on how to set up your metrics and which pitfalls to avoid.
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sunrise in blue and mint

Where to start when your business isn’t running

A guide for finding the right starting point to business problems.
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