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Knowing when to act insecure

Knowing when to act insecure

Especially as entrepreneurs, we have to act bold and brave. We have to act as if we know what to do, even when we usually don’t. When asked, how the business is going, it’s always going great. For strategic reasons. No one wants to work with unsuccesful companies and success breeds success. Therefore it is very hard, to know, when we can actually admit our insecurities.

The common term for this is “fake it ’till you make it”. But we won’t always make it. In fact, most of the time and most of the people wont make it. They will just have some fake-it period. Something we refuse to admit, until we have to.

Just recently, some friends of mine had to give up their business. And I am truly sorry for them. But I see the common behaviour. They’ve been super sure, that they knew what to do. That they knew, why people bought their product. How they had to market it. What was interesting to investors and what wasn’t.

And then it didn’t work out. They put their heart and soul into it for years. With a smile, when people where watching, but tired when alone. Gaining friends and experiences along the way, that are super valuable as well. But it’s not the same as seeing your vision come to life.

We think we know the way, but often we don’t. And if we can’t admit, that we need help, we sooner or later will have to admit defeat.

This is a somewhat shorter and more personal post then usually. I will not use it to say things like “if you don’t want to fail in business, buy our service”. But I will say, that we meet people along the way, that truly care for us and want to help. Watch out for them and learn to accept help.

Entrepreneuship is a lonely endavor anyways. No need to make it more lonely.

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