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Deutsche Telekom’s Dirk Roeder: Navigating Blockchain and Bitcoin in the Corporate World



In an era where blockchain and Bitcoin are reshaping business landscapes, it’s crucial to understand their impact from a corporate perspective. Our latest Innovate+Upgrade podcast episode delves into this topic with Dirk Roeder, a key figure at Deutsche Telekom’s Web3 infrastructure and solution team.

Dirk Roeder

Dirk Roeder, who joined Deutsche Telekom in September 2022, brings a wealth of experience in blockchain technology, specifically in the realm of proof of stake networks. His insights provide a unique lens into how large corporations are adapting to and leveraging blockchain technology.

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Pioneering Blockchain Infrastructure

Throughout the episode, Roeder illuminates the complex interplay between traditional corporate structures and cutting-edge blockchain technology. This discussion is essential for anyone interested in the integration of new technologies in established businesses, particularly in the telecommunications sector

Episode Highlights

  • (00:00:00) Intro and Introduction Dirk
  • (00:04:08) How did everything start?
  • (00:08:32) When Bitcoin enters the stage?
  • (00:23:43) What is the business model?
  • (00:32:35) How did the corporation with UTXO Solution start
  • (00:38:02) Are there other competitors doing the same
  • (00:41:45) What is the target group?
  • (00:54:31) Plans for the future
  • (00:55:29) Final words and outro

Key Questions Addressed in this Episode:

  • How is Deutsche Telekom integrating blockchain technology?
  • What is the significance of proof of stake networks in corporate settings?
  • How can large corporations adapt to and leverage new technologies like blockchain?
  • What are the future prospects for Bitcoin and blockchain in the business world?

For more information on this episode and other fascinating topics at the intersection of technology, business, and innovation, visit our Bitcoin Effekt podcast page.

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