man sitting at a laptop, attending an online training

Mastering Jobs to Be Done Online Workshop

Mastering Jobs to Be Done Online Workshop

This workshop is for you if one of the following sentences applies to you:

  • “I want to develop products and services for my company that will take customers out of our hands”
  • “I want to be able to market or sell our products better”
  • “I would like to develop my expert status in the field of customer research”.
  • “I finally want to know how JTBD works in practice and implement it myself.”
man sitting at a laptop, attending an online training

Requirements for Participation

You can participate in this workshop if you can answer the following with “Yes”:

  • I can take part in an online workshop on Tuesdays and Fridays from 09.00 – 11.30 (Berlin Time) for four consecutive weeks.
  • I have access to a further education budget of 2,100€ (plus VAT).

Is it worth it?

If you think: That’s me, but is it worth it? Do you also deliver the added value that you promise here? Then you will find more information here to hopefully be able to answer this question with a clear yes:

What do our customers say about it?

That sounds great, how can I book it?

The dates for the individual sessions and topics of the next workshop are:

  • M1         14.05.2024   Practical Introduction JTBD Theory and Innovation
  • M2         17.05.2024   Identifying JTBD Hypotheses in a Business Context
  • M3.1    21.05.2024   JTBD Interview structure and design
  • M3.2    28.05.2024   JTBD Interview practice and evaluation
  • M4         31.05.2024   JTBD Data segmentation and clustering
  • M5        04.06.2024   Classify and evaluate JTBD Research Results
  • M6         07.06.2024   The JTBD Research& Innovation Framework
  • MA        11.06.2024   Summary, Outlook & AMA

If you want to be part of it, just click on the button below. A pre-formatted email will open with all the information we need from you.

To keep the quality of the workshops high for all participants, we prefer to have a short conversation with each participant beforehand. We don’t sell the workshop series to just anyone. We will be happy to contact you or book an appointment directly here:

We will then reserve a place for you directly and you will receive an invoice. Receipt of payment within a maximum of 7 days after the invoice date confirms your place, otherwise the reservation expires. Then you will receive all further information and appointment invitations.


Is there a certificate?

Yes. Mastering Jobs to Be Done currently has three expert levels to demonstrate practical experience:

  • JTBD Practitioner
  • JTBD Researcher
  • JTBD Market Creator
  • JTBD Innovation Framework Master

With the completion of this workshop, the Practitioner Level is acquired, which remains valid for three years. More information about the certifications is available in a direct conversation.

Is it bad if I can’t go to a workshop?

The workshops build on each other, so skipping individual workshop modules can lead to comprehension problems. However, as we know that it can always happen that you can’t make it on an unplanned date, we offer 1on1 Recap Sessions for 200€ (max. 1 time per course and participant).

How many people can participate, how many places are there?

There are still places available for this workshop. However, there will be no more than 16 participants in total.

In which language will the workshop take place?

This workshop will be held in English.

I can’t join you now for the appointment, will you do it again?

Yeah, we’ll do it again for sure. The next workshops will probably start in January, March (English), June and September 2024, the exact dates are still being decided.

Is there a discount?

Hmm… There is no discount on this workshop, if that’s what you mean. Prices are fair and the same for everyone, but there are four ways to get discounted tickets:

  • If you book very early
  • If you book for more than one person
  • If you have already attended one of our JTBD trainings in the last 3 years and would like to do a refresher
  • If you have actively participated in a JTBD research, sprint or project as an employee of our clients

Contact us for additional information.